Bringing in the next generation of Out of Home advertising !


Adzipod brings in a new generation of indoor display advertising. Its a complete platform which allows you to publish your motion controlled advertisments on our devices. These devices will be located in high footfall areas such as malls, exhibitions, movie theaters etc. Allowing for a maximum exposure of your brand to as varied or as focussed audience as you want by choosing the locations on which you want to run the ad
Interactive Experiences

  • Adzipod allows your ad to interact with your customers, through audio, video & 3D graphics
  • The content is triggered by user movement and gesture tracking.
  • Large Display

  • Adzipod device uses 55 inch screens to ensure that your ad is visible to a larger audience.
  • The devices themselves have a modern and colorful look to attract audience.
  • Multiple Ad support

  • Ability to support multiple interactive ads on a single device.
  • No limits on size of content that can be displayed.
  • Social Media Integration

  • Distribute coupons after capturing a facebook "like" from the user.
  • Allow the user to capture their pictures on a branded canvas and access it on Facebook.
  • Mobile integration

  • Run SMS based campaigns driven by Adzipod platform
  • Dashboard

  • View all the interaction metrics on a web based dashboard.
  • These metrics provide you a complete insight into the effectiveness of your ad.
  • Hardware support

  • Adzipod provides sufficient hardware backing to your ad.
  • Use any graphics that the ad needs.
  • Targeted

  • Display ads in as many or as few locations.
  • Locations based reports.
  • Creative

  • The platform allows the brand, a lot of potential to be creative.
  • Engage your customers in unique ways.

  • Demo Videos

    Here are a few demos which
    will help you understand the capablities of Adzipod platform.

    It's art if it can't be explained. It's fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It's design if it doesn't need explanation.



    adzipod on rent

    Organizing an outdoor activation or an event ? Talk to us and we will create a custom ad for you and install the device at your event.


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